Guitar player Ed Verhoeff is one of the leading jazz guitarists in the Netherlands. Ed started out playing guitar in various pop and blues bands. He then studied at the conservatories of Utrecht and The Hague where jazz music really sparked something in him. The continuous challenge of this boundless music has always kept his fascination and is still growing up until now. Today Ed finds himself in the jazz and world music circuit.

For more then two decades as a sideman Ed Verhoeff developed the style which De Gitarist in May 1999 described as ‘phenomenal technique, a beautiful sound of his own and harmonic depth. Besides that he is incredible versatile. (…)  He knows how to combine pop, jazz and rock and make it sound like a coherent whole.’

He started his own projects where he realizes his own musical ideas or shares the similar ideas with other musicians. And it is never mind whether he is looking for the more intimate, chamber-like sound full of melodies and sensitive playing as in the Duo ‘Up Close’ (Ed Verhoeff/ Paul Berner bass) or the more powerful and intense sounds as in The Ed Verhoeff Band.

Those features makes him a wanted musician in jazz, pop clubs and theaters. He played with such musicians as John Abercrombie, Philip Catherine, Hein van de Geijn, Adam Nussbaum, Gerard Presencer, Rick Margitza, Ivan Lins, Lincoln Goines, Alex Acuna, Andy Narell, Martin Verdonk, Karim Ziad, Arthur Verocai and the Metropole Orchestra; In the theatre world with Izaline Calister, Mathilde Santing, Ramses Shaffy, Madeline Bell and Julya Loco.

Ed has recorded over 50 Cd’s. Which include 7 as a leader/ co-leader.

At the moment Ed is leading his own projects and is part of

  • Up Close with Paul Berner on bass
  • Is a co-leader in the trio ‘The Professionalz’ with Lucas van Merwijk dr and Arno Krijger organ
  • Is part of the Paul Berner band
  • Is part of the Izaline Calister Band
  • Duo Izaline Calister/ Ed Verhoeff