Duo Up Close

In this intimate, chamber music-like setting Ed and Paul arrive at a contrast with their other projects. This jazz-duo is inspired by many styles, including Folk, Brazilian, Classical and Pop music. Both Ed and Paul are well known for their melodic and sensitive playing. And melody plays a leading role in their sound, but not without it’s counterparts. The music develops organically, always in search of a surprise.

Ed Verhoeff acoustic -and electric guitar / Paul Berner double-bass

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Duo Up Close

Martin Kuijper

The Professionalz

A new initiative from drummer Lucas v Merwijk, Organplayer Arno Krijger and myself. A challenging project with a mix of all styles absorbed by this great sounding trio.

This trio takes a 3 min principle for each tune we play. As a reference to the early recording days. The 78 RPM records would only allow the musicians a maximum of 3,5 minute. We thought it would be a challenge and an adventure to see how things would work out using this time and technical limitation in today’s jazz recording process. To try to tell a well rounded, to the point, musical story in a limited amount of time. A little miniature if you like.

Cd now available on Itunes

Ed Verhoeff acoustic -and electric guitar / Lucas van Merwijk drums / Arno Krijger organ.

op de bank

Daniel Patriasz


Izaline Calister/ Ed Verhoeff, featuring Angelo Verploegen

For then 10 years now Ed and Izaline have been playing together. In the Izaline Calister band, in special projects and as a duo. In 2015 they decided to treat the duo more seriously as an ongoing feeling  of having a musical ‘clic’ together and the challenge to perform, like some famous singers before them, in this fragile but o so versatile setting. To see the two, who know each other so well and enjoy playing together so much, perform is a treat for the ear and eye.

In an extended version this duo gladly invites the great warm sound of trumpet player Angelo Verploegen.

Izaline Calister vocals / Ed Verhoeff acoustic -and electric guitar / Angelo Verploegen trumpet, flügelhorn.

Duo Izaline: Ed

Maurits van Hout

Ed Verhoeff Band

This band consists of his former bandmembers Jeroen Vierdag and Hans van Oosterhout. Added Berthil Busstra on Fender-Rhodes and keyboards.

The sound of the Rhodes blending in perfectly with Ed’s guitarsound.

Melodic warm sounding music with its roots in the jazz-tradition.

Groovy, poppy tunes alternated with utterly subtle and sensitive works of art.

Ed Verhoeff guitar / Hans van Oosterhout drums / Jeroen Vierdag acoustic-electric bass. Berthil Busstra, fender-rhodes-keyboards.