Ed has been a teacher since 2001. He started teaching at the Amsterdam Conservatory, The Tilburg Conservatory and the Rotterdam Conservatory Codarts. In 2007 he decided to mainly focus on The Rotterdam Conservatory. Ed is now teaching there exclusively.

Next to the conservatories he has been doing clinics and summer-schools in Spain, Italy, Korea, Curacao and Indonesia and is more and more a sought after teacher for private lessons.

Ed has a wide interest in styles and has a long list of projects to back up his vast experience. Ed is known to play jazz of the present area, open- to straight ahead jazz, fusion, poppy and Latin oriented music.

Apart from his knowledge of the instrument, his musician-/craftsmanship, adding material to your musical equipment, Ed is very well capable of analyzing your strong- and weak points. Not only making you aware but, with a very personal approach, finds ways for you to practice and taking your playing onto the next level.

Private lessons

Contact Ed on EStaccato or at info@edverhoeff.com for a private internet lesson. EStaccato offers a high sound-/ video quality and a steady internet connection.